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My name is Paul Sandford and I provide public speaking, training and consultancy services through my project, Translate Autism Spectrum Consultants. I would like to take this opportunity to furnish you with a brief introduction to myself and to the services I provide.

Diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in 2007 at the age of 42, I am a family man with a wife and several children, the youngest of whom is also diagnosed with ASD. I have previously worked, amongst other things, as a tutor and lecturer in further and higher education and also, alongside my wife, administer a peer-support group for adults on the autism spectrum and those who love them. Finally, I have achieved a M.Ed. (Autism [Adults]) from the University of Birmingham. The perspective I bring to my work is consequently multilateral: living with autism, both ignorantly (pre-diagnosis) and knowingly (post-dx); living within a family supporting a young child with the condition; experience and quailifications in the teaching and training of adults; each perspective is enhanced by the gathering and sharing of the voices of others living with or alongside autism through peer-support networks including our own group; in addition to the wider understanding and detailed knowledge of ASD gained through formal higher academic studies.

As a speaker, engagements have been fulfilled in a wide range of arenas: autism-specific conferences with particular themes; general awareness-raising events; support groups with an intimate question-and-answer bias; from participation in round-table discussions to making on-stage presentations for full theatres. The breadth of training programmes designed and delivered is similarly diverse: to public, private and 3rd sector organisations, to individuals living with or alongside autism; from health, social care, education, criminal justice and personal/family perspectives; single sessions and comprehensive programmes; for trainees with no prior knowledge of ASD and for specialist professionals with long-term experience in the field. As a consultant, support has been devised and implemented on both individual and collective bases: individually, working with adults with ASD and their employers to enhance and sustain mutual relationships or by advocating for others in their navigation of certain bureaucratic or legal processes; collectively, assisting organisations to develop their interface with autistic members of their communities or through my role as autism representative to various public-engagement boards.

It is my aim to provide a highly professional yet accessible approach throughout my services. I attempt (usually successfully!) to employ humour and life-experiences (both personal and anecdotal) alongside more formalised and practical exercises to illustrate my points. I also strive to maintain a high degree of straightforward, plain-English, interpretation of the issues at hand because ASD is a complex-enough condition, affecting each individual subject to it in different ways. Whatever your experience of autism spectrum disorder and in whatever context you encounter it, my entire focus is on the target of providing you with new tools, knowledge and understanding to assist you in your future dealings. Fortunately, feedback to my professional activities has been very positive in each of these areas.

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