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Welcome and a brief glossary of some of the stranger terms employed elsewhere on the site. Click HERE.

About Us

An outline of the aims and activities of our support group. Click HERE.

Asperger Syndrome

An introduction to the Autism Spectrum and a discussion of where individuals with Asperger syndrome sit on it. Also includes direct links to the following pages about AS. Click HERE.

What is AS?

Developing our explanation of AS through the model of the Triad of Impairments and discussion of how this impacts upon individuals with AS. Click HERE.

Mind Games

A look at the various theories regarding the psychology of those on the autism spectrum - are the differences between AS and NT genuine? Click HERE.

Issues in Diagnosis

How does one go about getting clinically assessed for AS? What is the process? And is it worth it? Click HERE.

Living alongside AS

A presentation of carers' and partners' perspective on the condition and the problems that go along with it. Click HERE.

Useful Links

Links to various websites of interest or help to our members and visitors. Click HERE.

Events Diary

Calendar of upcoming events of interest to our members and visitors. Click HERE.

Training and Professional Services

An outline of professional services available through Translate and some testimonials for work carried out in the past. Click HERE.

Contact Us

Details of how to contact us (with clickable email link) and also of the times and venue (with Google map) of our monthly meetings. Click HERE.


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